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Employee Data & Payroll Using the Employee Data & Payroll modules.
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PhilEH - (9/22/2010 9:14:50 AM)
RE:Employee Time Cards
SmartKids - Thanks for your question. Time card hours should add up correctly. I'd be curious to know what numbers you are comparing and what report(s) you are specifically looking at. One possibility could be if you have time cards set to display HH:MM (hours and minutes) then you would not be able to just added up the lines on a report, for example 7 hrs 45 minutes would be displayed 7:45. If you were using decimal format HH.HH then it should be fine, in which case the same time would be displayed as 7.75 (7 and 3/4 hours). See the Hours Format FAQ. If that doesn't seem to be it Contact Tech Support and we'll look into it further with you.
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